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Description of Alonnisos
Alonnisos stands in the Aegean Sea like a mountain densely covered with pine trees and arbutus bushes.

The sea around Alonisos has been declared a national marine park as it is the area of breed of monk seal Monachus Monachus and is the cleanest in the Aegean. The west part of the island is rocky but the part on the east has many beautiful pebble beaches while there are many hotels providing accommodation facilities.

Geography of Alonnisos
The area of Alonnisos is 64 sq. km. with a total population of 2.700 residents. The islets nearest to Alonnisos are part of the Municipality of Alonissos and are not inhabited: Adelfoi, Kyra Panagia, Persitera, Piperi, Skantzoura and Psathoura. The island closer to Alonnissos is Skopelos on the southwest.

History of Alonnisos
Alonnisos has been populated since Neolithic Era. The island mostly due to its distant position did not play a vital role in the main historical events but it was surely affected. Alonnisos is the ancient island of Ikos and has been a member of the Delian League and participated in the wars against the Persian invasion. It has been part of the Roman and then the Byzantine Empire till it was conquered by Hairentin Barbarossa and went under Ottoman Rule until 1830 when Alonnisos became part of the Greek State. In 1952 the vineyards of the island were struck with the disease of phylloxera resulting with many islanders moving away. In 1965, an earthquake destroyed Chora the capital town of Alonnisos.

Sightseeing on Alonnisos
The island of Alonnisos became popular because of the unique marine park protecting the seals Monachus Monachus, dolphins and other important species that live mainly in the caves of the coasts. You can visit the protected area by boat excursions. The picturesque Chora capital of Alonnisos lays its beauty on the top of a hill offering great view. You should really take a walk around the alleys where you can find several restaurants, bars and hotels in traditional houses. The beaches are splendid with clear sea and you can choose among many of them: Milia, Votsi, Chrisi Milia, Megalos Mourtias, Roussoum Yialos, Megali Ammos, Kokkinokastro.